Post Anchors for Fixing Your Intended Structures

If you want to install fencing, mail box, tent or perhaps a lovely timber summer house in garden, the most important thing you need to considerate is the way of secure it in the ground firmly. Maybe you have lots of choices, such as brackets and concrete. You could also take our ranges of post anchors into consideration.

What kind of post anchors we supply?

Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling post anchors for over 12 years. From the experience we cumulated, we know clearly the needs of our customers and the markets. So we mainly supply these kinds of post anchors as follow:

Post spike is a kind of metal bracket with four-fins to grip the earth firmly. Its simple design and convenient way of installation make it popular with out customers. Great majority of post spikes are used in farm and garden fencing, meanwhile, it can be used in mail box, traffic signs, timer construction, etc.

Ground screw is a kind of drilling pile with high gripping strength regardless of the terrains, such as sandy soil, marsh and loose earth. According to its excellent durability and stability, it has been widely used in solar power systems.

Ground anchor is a necessary hardware for camping owning to its easy way of installation and light weight. There is no need of high twisting strength even a child can operate it pretty well Attached with chains and ropes, it also can secure items such as plants, motorcycle, guyed structure, even your pets, etc.

Post support is a kind of post anchor used to support the wooden or metal post and keeping them from the damage of moisture and termites. We supply four types of post supports (H Type, L Type, T Type and U Type) to meet the different needs of various applications.

Post base is a metal device specially designed for the basic protection to the post by isolating it from the ground, which contains water to quicken the rotting of the post. No need of digging and screwing makes it easy to install and be widely used in timber constructions.

Hot Products

Post Spike

Post spikes are commonly used to set into fencing fence post and concrete footing to fix them into the ground firmly and preventing them from rotting and rusting.

Ground Screw

Ground screw, a drilling pile with time-saving and anti-rust character, can be applied in loose and sandy earth and necessary to solar power system.

Ground Anchor

Ground anchor is easy to install and remove, which makes it essential to secure your tent and awning. Additionally, it also can be used in fences, gazebo, etc.

Post Support

Post support, a kind of post anchor, devotes itself to long-term resisting to rotting and corrosion. We supply all ranges of post support as your requirements.



our post anchor specialized in fixing fencing with high gripping strength and easy operation. Not only for high-security industrial or farm fencing but also for lovely garden fencing, our post anchor works pretty good. No need of concreting, digging and considering the terrain any more, even a child can operate it well.

Solar power system

Nowadays, solar power, as a kind of new renewable energy source, becomes outstanding when the price of energies is rising and the fossil fuels are reducing. To meet the need of markets, our company supplies post anchors for in different shapes and sizes for all known types of solar brackets and arrays.

Hart, from America

Nice post spike

I bought post spike a few days ago for my new privacy fence, It went right into the ground without a hammer. I'd like to say that it takes me less 30 min to install each post. But hard rocky many be a little bit difficult, but sandy, clay or just plain dirt will likely work well. Anyway, I think it is an ideal tool to fixed our fence tightly.

Hart, America

Lorenzo, from Canada

Post support perfect to mount a privacy wall

My fence is rotted, so I bought these when putting up a privacy wall between our next door neighbors. These post support worked perfectly to the bottom of my fence. It is exactly what i needed.

Lorenzo, Australia

Adela, from Australia

Sturdy post base

I bought both adjustable and unadjustable post base for my indoor wooden staircase. I was worried that it would crack my floor prior to installation. It is well suited for mounting on wooden or concrete slab or tile panels, prior to install, you should drill proper holes for fixing you post, and it would not crack your floor.

Adela, Australia

Anita, from England

Exactly what we needed

Great product worked perfectly as described. I purchased one of post spikes for mailbox. It was easy to install with a hammer. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Anita, England