Various applications of our post anchors

Our company is engaged in manufacturing post anchors for over 12 year, and we supply a range of post anchors in various types, shapes, and sizes for the different applications. We list the most common applications provided by our customer as follow:

a part of fence fixed by our post anchor


Our post anchor specialized in fixing fencing with high gripping strength and easy operation. Not only for high-security industrial or farm fencing but also for lovely garden fencing, our post anchor works pretty good. No need of concreting, digging and considering the terrain any more, even a child can operate it well.

solar panels fixed by our post anchors

Solar power system

Nowadays, solar power, as a kind of new renewable energy source, becomes outstanding when the price of energies is rising and the fossil fuels are reducing. To meet the need of markets, our company supplies post anchors for in different shapes and sizes for all known types of solar brackets and arrays.

tents fixed by our post anchors


Camping has already proved a perfect way of spending holidays and well start a trend. In order to ensure a perfect holiday, you should make sure your tents are fixed firmly to the ground. The ground anchor we supply is the best choice for you, it can grasp the ground firmly and easy to operate even for a child.

flag poles fixed by our post anchors


Owning to the cost effectiveness and stability of the post anchors, they are widely used for traffic signs, large format advertising, billboard, mail box and flag poles. Our post anchors can be fixed on concrete, earth and asphalt with no disturbing the surrounding environments.

timber guardrail fixed by our post anchors

Timber building

Timber building features its beautiful appearance and no disturbing to environments, are widely welcomed by people all over the world. As we know, the wood is easy to get rotted when it contact with earth. To solve this problem, we supply post anchors to keep the posts off the ground. So it protect the post from rotting and corrosion.

exercise facilities fixed by our post anchors

Urban development

Our post anchors not only be used in the above fields, it also can be used in for the urban developments. Lots of structures can be fixed with it, such as big screen, stages, sheds, gazebos, playground equipments, etc.