Ground Screw - An Important Role in Solar Power System

Ground screws used in solar power system.

GS-01: Ground screws can be used in solar power system.

Ground screw is a kind of drilling pile with screw for driving under the ground more easily. Meanwhile, the screw increase the contact area so that it grasp earth more firmly than other traditional post anchor. So it can be used in loose earth, sandy soil, marsh, bedrock and the slope of less than 30 degree.

The ground screw we supply has stronger bearing capacity, pull-out resistance and horizontal resistance, which make the ground screw resistant to the side friction occurred when screwing into the ground. The surface of the ground screw is galvanized, which means it is corrosion resistant and anti-rust. So it has a long life and can be reused. Additionally, it has better stability for saving the installation time and costing effectively.


  • Grasp the earth more firmly
  • Strong and durable
  • Cost effectively
  • Saving time: no digging and no concrete
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Long life time
  • Environment friendly: no damage to surrounding area
  • Reusable: fast and inexpensive to relocate
  • Corrosion resistant, etc

What kind of ground screws we supply?

After devoting ourselves to finding the requirements of our customers for many years, we mainly supply three kinds of ground screws as follow: (custom sizes and shapes are also available.)

Type A

Type A is a king of ground screw without flange plate and U-shaped post support so that it can be fixed only by bolts. The simple structure makes it affordable and easy to adjust and install. It is mainly used in solar power base support, farm fence and traffic signs, etc.

Type A-1 Type A-2 Type A-3 Type A-4
A silver type A-1 ground screw, a bar and five red pads
GS-02: Type A-1
A golden type A-2 ground screw and a bar
GS-03: Type A-2
A silver type A-3 ground screw
GS-04: Type A-3
A silver type A-4 ground screw
GS-05: Type A-4
Outer Diameter 60 mm 68 mm 68 mm 115 mm 65/76 mm
Length 550 mm 580/570 mm 560 mm 1200/1600/1800/2000 mm
Pipe Thickness 1.5–2 mm 1.5–2 mm 3–4 mm
Holes 3 × dia. 16mm
Type A-5 Type A-6 Type A-7 Type A-8
A galvanized A-5 ground screw with two screws, without drill bit
GS-06: Type A-5
A galvanized A-6 ground screw with a screw
GS-07: Type A-6
A galvanized A-2 ground screw with two screws
GS-08: Type A-7
A galvanized A-8 ground screw with square base
GS-09: Type A-8
Outer Diameter 76/114 mm 60/76 mm 76 mm 67 × 67 mm
Length 1200/1600/1800/2000 mm 560 mm
Pipe Thickness 3–4 mm 1.5–2 mm
Holes 4 × dia. 13 mm 2 × dia. 16 mm 3 × dia. 13 mm 8 mm

Type B

This kind of ground screw features its flange plate, which joints with the pipe tightly for easy connection with the post. The holes on flange plate also helps to make sure the ground screw grabbing the earth firmly by bolts. It plays an important role in timber construction, docking station, etc.

Type B Type B-1 Type B-2 Type B-3 Type B-4
A galvanized B-1 ground screw with flange plate
GS-10: Type B-1
A galvanized B-2 ground screw with flange plate
GS-11: Type B-2
A galvanized B-3 ground screw with flange plate
GS-12: Type B-3
A galvanized B-4 ground screw with flange plate
GS-13: Type B-4
Outer Diameter 219 mm 219 mm 89/114 mm 168 mm
Length 2700/3500 mm 2700/3500 mm 1200/1600/1800/2000 mm 2607 mm
Pike Thickness 5–8 mm 5–8 mm 3-4 mm 5–7 mm
Flange Thickness 8–12 mm 8–12 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Flange Outer Diameter 298 mm 298 mm 220 mm 250 mm
Holes On Flange 8 × dia. 22 mm 8 × dia. 22 mm 6 × dia. 14 mm 12 × dia. 15 mm

Type C

Different from other ground screws, this one has a U-shaped base support, which makes it much easy, convenient, and firmly connected to the fencing post. Easy to operate and install Widely used in farm and garden fences.

Type C-1
Base Part A1 70 mm A galvanized C-1 ground screw with U-shaped base support
GS-14: Type C-1
A2 71 mm 91 mm 110 mm
H1 130 mm 130/170 mm 130/170 mm
Holes 10 × dia. 11 mm
Pipe Part H2 565 mm 555/735/870 mm 735/870 mm
Outer Diameter 67 mm
Holes 2 × dia. 13 mm


Fence, barrier, solar power system, shelter, shed, traffic sign, tent, marquee, timber construction, advertising board, flag pole and others.


  1. Place your ground anchor in desired place. And twist it into the ground.
  2. Place and fix the post to the ground screw by bolts.
  3. Slide a decorative post over the wood post.
Three pictures shows the vineyard post fixation with ground screws.

GS-19: Ground screws installation tips.

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