Ground Anchor - A Reliable Way to Secure Your Tent

A tent is fixed by ground anchors

GA-01: Ground anchor helps to fix your tent.

Ground anchor, also known as earth anchor, features its specialized design of helix for offering moderate holding strength in most soils. The ground anchors don’t need high installation torque and can be installed by hands or other power driven equipment. It is often used to secure tent, fence, boats, trees, additionally, it also can help you to tether your pets.


  • No digging and concreting.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Can be reused.
  • Regardless of the terrain.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Durable.
  • Competitive price.

Types of Ground Anchors

According to the appearances of our ground anchor, we classify them into three types as follow:

three ground anchors, the first one: with a loop and a screw, the second one: U -shaped head and a screw, the last one: U-shaped head and two screws

GA-02: Type D ground anchors

Type D

  • Length: 800–1800 mm.
  • Screw diameter: 500–1400 mm.
  • Screw thickness: 10–16 mm.
  • Pole diameter: 2–5 mm.
  • Surface: galvanized or color coated.
  • Custom sizes are available.
two type E ground anchors, the first one: with a loop and spiral end, the second one: triangle head and spiral end

GA-03: Type E ground anchors

Type E

  • Length: 800–1800 mm.
  • Thickness: 2–5 mm.
  • Surface: galvanized or anti-rust color coated.
  • Custom size are available.
two type F ground anchors, the first one: with parallel rod head and screws, the second one: closed loop head and screws.

GA-04: Type F ground anchors

Type F

  • Length: 800–1800mm.
  • Screw diameter: 500–1400mm.
  • Screw thickness: 10–16mm.
  • Pole diameter: 2–5mm.
  • Surface: galvanized or anti-rust color coated.
  • Custom size are available.


Tent, awning, fence, boats, gazebo, marquee, etc.

A tent strip is fastened by the type F ground anchor.

GA-05: Ground anchor for tent fixation.

A soccer goal is fixed by the type E ground anchor.

GA-06: Ground anchor for soccer goal fixation.

A type D ground anchor is fixing swing frame.

GA-07: Ground anchor for swing frame fixation.


  • Place your ground anchor in desired place.
  • Screw you ground screw into ground with a strong bar (as shown in the following picture).
  • Rotating the ground anchor in the opposite direction can screw it out.
A installation step picture guid you how to install the ground anchor.

GA-08: Ground anchor guidance.

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