Post Base Keeps the Post Free of Rotting and Corrosion

The post is setting into the fixed post base

PV-01: The way of installation

Post base is a post attaching device for providing excellent protection to the post. The perfect combination of form and function in a way never had before works to prevent the post from the rotting and corrosion. It attaches the post to any horizontal place you desired firmly and avoids the direct contact with the ground.

It is easy to operate and fixed with bolts, without digging or screwing into the ground The only thing you should do is to place it to your desired location and fasten it to the ground. Then set the post into it and fixed them by bolts. According to the easy and quick way of installation, it become the best solution to maintain the structure in the long run.

What kind of post bases can we supply?

As we know, post base plays an important role in the service life of the construction or fences. Without post base, the post is easy affected by the surrounding moist environment. So it is generally welcomed by our customers. According to the needs of your customers, we supply following kinds of post bases:

Unadjustable Post Base

The connecting part of the post base is unadjustable, so it must be shaped according to the accurately size of your post.

Three post bases, the first one: with round head, the second with square head, the last one: square head but without one side.

PV-02: Three types of unadjustable post base

  • Height (a): 100–300 mm.
  • Length or diameter (b): 50–150 mm.
  • Plate side length (c): 70–300 mm.
  • Thickness: 3–6 mm.
  • Surface: galvanized or color coated.
  • Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Adjustable post base

The connecting part of the post base is adjustable so that it can accommodate different sizes of post. Owning to its convenient and fashion design, you will never regret to have it.

two square post bases, the first one: red and one corner can be adjusted, the second: brown and two corner can be adjusted.

PV-03: Three types of unadjustable post base.

  • Convenient and fully adjustable for many post size.
  • Height (a): 100–300 mm
  • Length or diameter (b): 50–150 mm
  • Thickness: 3–6 mm
  • Plate side length (c): 70–300 mm
  • Surface: galvanized or color coated
  • Custom sizes and shapes are available.


Fencing, traffic sign, gate, flag pole, timber construction, etc.

A gray color post base is supporting the wooden post on grassland.

PV-04: Post base on grassland.

A gray color post base is supporting the wooden post on concrete ground.

PV-05: Post base on concrete ground.

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